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General Learning Methodology

In the evolutionary history of human as we know from anthropology prospective water shade moment was cognitive revolution of neolithic age. where the homo sapiens begin to question their surrounding environment, becoming more and more curious, thus gaining more and more knowledge, consequently become more skilled and adaptive to changing environment. that made homo sapiens most dominating species on earth.

From the anthropogenic experience we can conclude learning is critical for survival and for development of any individual. to learn means to grow, to grow means to be more adaptive to any sudden change and be ready for any coming uncertainty. in early days one individual has to learn so many skill set, be that hunting, gathering, basic survival, information about surrounding animal and plants species. training regarding these skills where used to begin at early stage in life. if one aspires to live long, she/he has to perfect all these skills and become master in one or more.

Now in present scenario we may not need skills like hunting or gathering but at the same time we require different set of skills which may be as basic as tying shoelaces or as high as learning high tech software’s. every homo sapiens has its unique way of learning. but there are some common traits that all of us do share regarding learning. lets take deeper look into this.

Learning begins with curiosity. one has to ask relevant questions regarding subject. with right kind of questions one may enter the arena of learning. curiosity may consider as seed we may sow in the ground, we have to water it with right amount of quality knowledge. one with curiosity may absorb knowledge like a dry sponge absorb water.

Next stage is to digest the knowledge that we gain, to digest one must understand knowledge that one has acquired. understand one must have to brainstorm, revise, improvise the information. with full digestion of knowledge we are ready for next stage of process.

this third stage is most crucial yet most neglected stage of learning that is application of learned knowledge. if one wants to retain the knowledge, she/he has to apply the gain knowledge. word application can have various connotation. to apply be mean to do practical activity that one has learned theoretically for example practicing spectacular cover drive in cricket. that one cannot mastered from class root. to apply we mean to teach for example try to teach gain concept of any chapter to anyone else. to apply we mean to test gained knowledge for example give numerous test of that particular subject. by applying we concrete our knowledge. thus finishing most part of the learning.

Last Part is to revise the gain knowledge / skills multiple times with periodic interval of time. revising a particular skill / knowledge makes our neural network denser. consequently a enable us who gain mastery over that particular subject or making us more efficient. by following these steps one can learn anything under the sky this we called it as general learning methodology.

At our institute we follow exact same general leaning methodology to get our student up to the highest marks. in our institution we try to nurture natural curiosity of the pupil for German language enable them to ask natural questions regarding language. then we feed them with the basics of language and subsequent advance knowledge regarding language. that followed by periodic test and continuous revision making our student master in German Language due to this specifics our institute is best German language classes in Pune.